July 10, 2018 – First Successful Mechanical Heart Transplant at NICVD Pakistan

KARACHI: Pakistan’s first successful mechanical heart transplant took place at the National Institute of Cardio Vascular Diseases (NICVD) on Monday.

Achieving this medical milestone, the doctors transplanted the mechanical heart into 62-year-old patient Nafeesa Memon.

Nafeesa’s heart was only 15 percent functional before the surgery. Dr Pervez Chaudhry led the transplant team members, while the team also included American doctors.

Pervez Chaudhry said that an artificial heat costs more than Rs100 million.

He said that after the mechanical heart transplant, the patient’s condition is out of danger.

Generally, heart transplant operation requires five hours.

Source: News One (July 10, 2018)