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The Cardiac Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention Department was established in 1996 to serve patients who have survived a cardiac event to live a heart healthy life in the future.
Successful recovery and prevention require that the patient must have a thorough understanding of how their body is being affected and what steps can be taken to reduce the risk of complications. Our Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention center achieves this by providing the tools needed for better cardiac health through advanced lifestyle management.

The center conducts classes twice a week for six weeks to assist patients to return to their routine life after witnessing a primary cardiac event.

Each class comprises of an exercise and group counseling component. Patients are taught how to quit smoking, manage their blood pressure, and control their blood sugar / diabetes through diet and drugs. Counseling for nutrition and change in diet plans are also advised by our dietitians. Initial telemetry exercises encourage them to change of their sedentary lifestyle and start controlled physical activities so as to avoid obesity too. Family members, friends and loved ones are also welcome to attend.

NICVD has recently also launch a Primary Preventive Cardiology Program to rule out risk factors related to the development of early heart diseases thereby promoting a heart-healthy Pakistan.
Schedule: Every Tuesday and Saturday – 09:00 AM – 01:30 PM

All preventive services at NICVD are offered completely free of cost.