Clinical Research Department

Research carries fundamental significance for the identification of problems, development of clinical applications from concepts, their administration, and thus making subsequent progressive improvements for patients’ services and of course highlighting recommendation for future research.
The field of cardiovascular diseases demands research applied to clinical practice more than any other. It would not be far from being consonant with the true facts, that the most successful stage where the entire span of cardiac medicine and surgical specialties stand today, are the most vivid proof of the outcome of clinical research.

Till now there was no formal set-up in tertiary care hospital settings in the entire public sector where the needs of the research oriented clinical practice could be provided for, or from where research could be initiated on issues involved.

NICVD being an apex institution in the fields of cardiac care, bearing a national outlook and character, has now reached a stage of development where clinical research is being formalized in the form of a fully-fledged Clinical Research department. Since its establishment in 1963 NICVD is the leading center for Postgraduate training in Adult cardiac medicine, Pediatric Cardiology, Anesthesiology and Cardiac Surgery both for Adult and Paeds.

The primary objective of Clinical Research department is to progressively develop a streamline system to facilitate and promote clinical research and provide a data warehouse with the capacity to convert data into actionable information and facilitate the development of systems, procedures, modalities to ensure progressively improving patient services, emergency care, training of health and allied professionals, and all other related issues required to ensure a better and progressive patient care. We also aim to coordinate with all such research units, health and public health institutions in the country and internationally.

The services of the unit, although emanating from NICVD will be open to all who would like to acquire support towards the objective of services for the society in the field of cardiac care and all related fields.
The department of Clinical Research welcomes all in the development and promotion of clinical research in the country, so that the outcome of cardiac care is progressively improved.