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Prof. Kassims Memorial Professional Skills Development Center, NICVD We offer AHA (American Heart association) courses on Ischemic heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world. In Pakistan the number is huge, and is not different from all other countries in the world where figures for high mortality due to Cardiovascular disease are reported. These patients become victim of cardiac arrest, and resuscitation depends on knowledge of resuscitation of the by-stander, if cardiac arrest happens outside the hospital. Basic Life support training is mandatory, to assess the victim of cardiac arrest and start chest compressions for resuscitation. To meet this requirement, all adults in the community from age 15 and above are recommended to do basic life support training.
Fee Structure for AHA courses: Basic Life Support Course: Rs: PKR 5000/= per person Advance Cardiac Life Support Course: Rs: PKR 10,000/= per person
Schedule of Courses for the Month of March 2018:
Basic Life Support Course: (One day course) 3rd, 31st, March 2018 Advance Cardiac Life Support Course: (Two days course) 5th& 6th March 2018 Venue: Prof. Kassims Memorial Professional skills Development Center
Registration at: Registration Desk at Prof. Kassims Memorial Professional Skills Development Center. Tel: 99201271-8 Ext: 450, 021-35210351
Learn CPR ---- Free March is declared as Heart Saver month. Under this umbrella, adult community has to be trained for Hands-Only CPR to help save lives. Number of programs has been organized for Hands-Only CPR training to general public, including school children and university and college students. First: Hands-Only CPR program from PSDC, NICVD will be on 11th March, Sunday at OPD, NICVD 10:00-12:30 PM. Free of Cost Program: All are invited to attend.