Out Patient Department

The Out Patient Department is an indispensable part of NICVD as this is the first point of contact with our patients.
Catering to at least 500,000 patients per year, our OPD is equipped with its own ECG, ETT and Laboratory facilities as well as a Pharmacy where medicines are provided at minimal rates to patients on a fortnightly basis.
In order to meet the pressure of increasing number of patients, NICVD is currently working on expanding its existing OPD facility so as to accommodate an even higher influx of patients.


  • MORNING OPD (08:0 am – 01:00 pm)
  • evening opd (03:00 pm – 05:00 pm) (Private)

Monday South Ward
Prof. Syed Nadeem Qamar (Dr. Khalid Naseeb) Dr. Shahid Ahmed
Prof. Syed Ishtiaq Rasool (S) Dr. Ziauddin Panhwar
Prof. Fazal Rabbi Dr. Kanwal Fatima
Dr. Fawad Farooq
Dr. Saeed Ahmed Mehar
Dr. Tariq Ashraf & Dr. Jawaid Akbar Sial

(Peripheral Vascular Disease Clinic)


Tuesday North Ward


Prof. Muhammad Zia Yaqub Dr. S. Muhamamd Afaq
Prof. S.Nadeem Hassan Rizvi (Dr. Naveedullah Khan) Dr. Khalid Naseeb
Dr. Naveed Ullah Khan Dr. Ziauddin Panhwar
Dr. S. Muhamamd Afaq
Dr. Asad Bilal Awan
Dr. Ghazala Irfan (Pace Maker)
Wednesday West Ward
Dr. Muhammad Anis Memon Dr. Shahid Ahmed
Dr. Tahir Saghir Dr. Ziauddin Panhwar
Dr. Saeed Ahmed Mehar
Dr. Kanwal Fatima Aamir (Hypertensive)
Dr. Saeed Ahmed Mehar
 Prof. Arif ur Rehman Khan
 Dr. Amin Khawaja (Pre-Operative Clinic)
Thursday East Ward
Prof. Syed Zahid Jamal Dr. Khalid Naseeb
Dr. Tariq Ashraf Dr. Ziauddin Panhwar
Dr. Perveen Akhtar
Dr. Nadeem Ahmed
Friday South & North Ward
Dr. Jawaid Akbar Sial Dr. Khalid Naseeb
Dr. Shahid Ahmed Dr. Ziauddin Panhwar
Dr. Abdul Samad Achakzai
 Dr. Faisal Qadir (Pace Maker)
Dr. Suhayb A. Khushk
Saturday East & West Ward
Prof. Syed Zahid Jamal Dr. Shahid Ahmed
Dr. Tariq Ashraf Dr. Ziauddin Panhwar
Dr. Kanwal Fatima Aamir
Dr. Khalid Naseeb.
Dr. Muhammad Musharraf
Dr. Sohail Khan Bangash
Dr. Amin Khawaja (Pre-Operative Clinic)