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Boy survives knife to the heart with NICVD surgery

Rehan was reportedly bleeding heavily and was in critical condition

KARACHI: The life of a 10-year-old boy, Rehan, was saved by doctors performing a complicated heart surgery at the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) on Thursday. A knife had pierced Rehan's chest and entered his heart, with doctors from several private and public hospitals refusing to perform the dangerous procedure. The boy was reportedly bleeding heavily and was in critical condition. He was shifted to NICVD, Dr Abdul Sattar Shaikh recommended emergency surgery. He was immediately intubated and shifted to the operation theatre where the surgery was performed successfully by Dr Shaikh, paediatric surgeon Dr Sohail Bangash and anaesthetist Prof Amin Khawaja. According to Rehan's parents, he had been visiting his uncle's house in Karachi from Nawabshah when he sustained the injury while playing with other children. Talking to the media, Dr Shaikh and Dr Bangash disclosed that the boy's heart had been ruptured by the knife and they had repaired it. They stated that he was still at the hospital recovering from the surgery, adding that any further delay in the surgery could have endangered his life.   Source: The Express Tribune (July 16, 2020)